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The UFO Connection

Note: This section was written back around 1988 and I am now as of July 14th just starting to update it some.

Robert Suffern, a carpenter from Bracebridge, Ontario had a close encounter with a UFO when he was 27. On October 7th, 1975, Robert received a call from his sister stating that she saw a “fiery glow” near his barn, and was afraid that it may be on fire. Upon driving out to check his barn, he witnessed a circular craft resting in the middle of the gravel road, and occupants about. The craft lifted off before he could stop his car. Suffern turned the car around and headed for home, and nearly hit one of the strange figures with his car. This was the third UFO sighting in two years, the previous two only being nocturnal lights. On December 12th, by prearranged appointment, an On-tario Provincial Police cruiser arrived at the Sufferns’ door and three military officers stepped out in full dress uniform. The men bearing credentials were high ranking officers of the Canadian Forces, Ottawa, the US Air Force, the Pentagon, and interestingly the Office of Naval Intelligence, Washington, D.C. The men had come to answer ALL of Suffern’s questions regarding the sighting. As a result Suffern learned that it was an accident that the ship had landed, and that the governments have had dealings with extraterrestrials since 1943.[1]

In Moore’s book, he recalls that the naval officer stated to Suffern:

“Oh, we have had contact with the ET’s since 1943. It was due to an accident of an experiment that the Navy was running at that time, on invisibility!”[2]

Robert Suffern’s account of the meeting with the three officers has been described mainly as a planned leak, a hoax, or disinformation.

“{In May or June of 1947 The SS Maylay} was nearly capsized by a kilotomic explosion… it is the only ship to have survived the explosion of a UFO… I ought to know, I was a crew member, steering the ship at the time.” – Carl M. Allen[3]

“On the second of June, 1946 a brightly flaming object was seen in the sky above the Gulf of Alaska. The Great Ark, it was called.. I was on the Malay in the Atlantic… After it landed {9 miles from the Malay} , it discharged a lot of smaller craft… lifeboats… We pulled up four miles and turned parallel with the Ark, and that’s when it exploded. It was a small nuclear explosion, but there was no harmful fallout” – Carl M. Allen (1991)[4]

Notice here the story is close to the one reported by Moore but we now can look at it as maybe it was the Malay after all. Further we can assume this is also the same “Cargo Ship S.S. Malay” that reportedly witnessed the experiment.[5]

Carl said the incident happened in May or June of 1947 in some interviews, however he only Served on the SS Malay from May 8th, 1946 to June 22nd, 1946. This timeframe does fit with some of his statements. While doing research into the ship I did find a “SS MalayTanker ship (named as such form 1933~194) that had records of being Torpedo & Shelled on January 18th of 1942 resulting in 4 deaths.  There was also another SS Malay, a Norwegian cargo ship in service from 1959 to 1961 and now known as SS Ambria, however this by dates alone could not be the “Malay” that witnessed the experiment in 1943, or the UFO incident in 1946/7. I did find something interesting during my research though; “Yours Truly Johnny Dollar” was one of the longest-running detective series on radio. It aired on CBS Radio for 15 minutes from 1948 to 1962. On February 10, 1950 the episode was entitled “The SS Malay Trader Ship.” Leads one to wonder if this is where the name of the ship came from that Carl Allen gave to Moore.

Roswell Crash

Here we have various accounts of UFO’s in 1943, with alien contact by the Navy. In contrast we have the Roswell UFO crash of July 2nd, 1947, where many think that alien involvement with the government began. One book published by Moore & Berlitz, “The Roswell Incident,” conveys the idea that the government had no prior dealings with extraterrestrial entities before the crash. Here we clearly have a conflict. Which will it be: Aliens contact the earth in 1943, or aliens contact the earth in 1947?

The third series of accounts by Carl Allen reports the ship name as “The SS Maylay;” then in 1991 Carl says this was the “SS Malay” the same name as the cargo ship “SS Malay” that supposedly witnessed the PX in Moore’s book. Also, is Carl part of a group of people who tend to be ‘more susceptible’ to seeing UFO’s?

“People with American Indian or Gypsy blood in their background tend to see more UFO’s then other People… People with unusual last names… tend to have more sightings… There are more left-handed contactees…” – John A. Keel[6]

Doubtful as much as Carl referred to himself as a wondering Gypsy, that was more in his belief then fact.

One theme that keeps recurring all throughout my research: The Navy is always center stage when it comes to gravitational / electromagnetic research, and the UFO Phenomenon. From the Philadelphia Experiment to UFO ‘gravitational drive’ motors, “Project Magnet” and more, everything always points to the Navy. Was the Navy interested in gravitational propulsion systems, gravitational field generators, etc? Is it because they had prior experience in generating electromagnetic fields?

“Professor Stan Friedman, a nuclear physicist of Hayward, California, has speculated that the reason that alien intelligences may have been attracted to the Philadelphia Experiment might be because of large concentrations of electromagnetic ‘over-splash’ produced by the experiment itself.” – William Moore[7]


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