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“The Philadelphia Experiment” In Popular Culture

Besides the more in-depth list of Philadelphia Experiment Movies, this is a reference to other Movies, TV, Books, Music, and Games that incorporated the story of the PX to some degree. This section was just added and is very much a work in progress at the moment.

References to the experiment can be found in many other films, including;

  • Devil’s Pass (2013)
    • Originally titled The Dyatlov Pass Incident it is a UK-Russian science fiction horror film directed by Renny Harlin, written by Vikram Weet, and starring Holly Goss, Matt Stokoe, Luke Albright, Ryan Hawley, and Gemma Atkinson as Americans who investigate the Dyatlov Pass incident. It is shot in the style of found footage.
  • 100 Million BC (2008)
    • Direct-to-DVD action film by film studio The Asylum. The film centers on a group of Navy SEALs, led by American Dr. Frank Reno (Michael Gross), who once worked on the Philadelphia Experiment. The film begins in 1998, when Reno has purportedly perfected time travel technology. The SEALs use it to travel backwards to the year 112,000,000 BC of the Early Cretaceous, in order to rescue a previous, 1949 expedition led by Reno’s brother Erik (Christopher Atkins).
The Devils Pass Poster

Television episodes that reference the experiment include;

  • The X-Files Season 2, Episode 19; “Død Kalm
    • They discuss a ‘Philadelphia Experiment’, which was discontinued in light of the Manhattan Project. Mulder tells her about a ship which disappeared without explanation from the Philadelphia ship yard and reappeared in Norfolk, Virginia. It may have done so with the help of alien technology and the manipulation of wormholes of earth. The two then take off without telling Skinner they are investigating this space-time phenomena.
  • Warehouse 13, Season 3, Episode 7; “Past Imperfect”
  • The Triangle (2005) Sci-Fi Channel three part mini series received some awards
    • A shipping company employs four people: a journalist, a psychic, a meteorologist, and an oceanographer to discover the secret of the Bermuda Triangle. Ultimately the team, with the help of a Greenpeace survivor and a tycoon, find out the truth about a high-tech underwater facility from the United States Navy (and its relation with the Philadelphia Experiment), and close the Triangle, destroying it forever. (Note: in this story, the main underlying cause is a rip in space or “wormhole”.)
  • Doctor Who audio drama The Macros
    • The Doctor and Peri arrive aboard the USS Eldridge and witness the results of the infamous Philadelphia Experiment, leading to journey to an alien universe.
  • Doctor who Shadows of the Vashta Nerada
    • Doctor identifies it as the USS Eldridge, a ship constructed by the USA during the WWII era. The Americans had attempted to give the ship cloaking technology and had asked Albert Einstein for help, but they accidentally opened a wormhole which the ship then jumped through into another world….
The Triangle Poster

The experiment has also been the subject of several television shows dealing with the paranormal and with conspiracy theories, including;

  • The Unexplained, A&E TV
  • History’s Mysteries (2000) “The True Story of The Philadelphia Experiment”
  • Vanishings!
  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • Science: Impossible
  • The History Channel’s “That’s Impossible” (2009) Season 1, Episode 1; “Invisibility Cloaks”
  • Sightings
  • Mysteries at the Monument (2014) Season 2, Episode 12; “The House That Sugar Built; Kill Dozer; Rocking Chair Riots”
    • Investigates the “Philadelphia Experiment”, an alleged cloaking device that was put aboard the U.S.S. Eldridge at Philadelphia’s Navy Yard;
  • Dark Matters: Twisted But True (2011) Season 1, Episode 1; “The Philadelphia Experiment, Ape-Man Army, Zapped to Death”
    • The Philadelphia Experiment: In 1956 astronomer and UFOlogist Morris Jessup received an extraordinary letter. It claimed that during World War 2 the US Navy had experimented with invisibility and teleportation in a botched test on a destroyer, the USS Eldridge.
  • Weird U.S. (2005)  Philadelphia Experiment
  • Galileo Mystery (2008) Episode “Philadelphia Experiment”
  • Welt der Wunder (2005) (Translated as: world of wonder)

Literary works that reference the experiment but not written completely about the experiment include;

  • Mirage (2014) by Clive Cussler
    • In October 1943, a U.S. destroyer sailed out of Philadelphia and supposedly vanished, the result of a Navy experiment with electromagnetic radiation. The story was considered a hoax—but now Juan Cabrillo and his Oregon colleagues aren’t so sure. There is talk of a new weapon soon to be auctioned, something very dangerous to America’s interests, and the rumors link it to the great inventor Nikola Tesla, who was working with the Navy when he died in 1943. Was he responsible for the experiment? Are his notes in the hands of enemies? As Cabrillo races to find the truth, he discovers there is even more at stake than he could have imagined—but by the time he realizes it, he may already be too late.
  • RASL (2013) by Jeff Smith’s graphic novel
  • DE-173 (2016) by  J G Bell
    • Atlantis 2005 The time war is over and the surviving crew of De-173 can live in peace once more as Earth’s timeline runs true, without threat from the banished Phoenix Agents. But as with every war, something gets buried, left behind for future generations to find. Iraq 2008 Colonel Jack Marsters and Major Ben Rhodes head up the security detail for an exhumation team sent to investigate a mass grave. Their posting almost over, one skeleton is found buried deeper than the others. Buried for over a thousand years
  • The Eldridge Conspiracy (2012) by Stephen Ames Berry
    • 1943: The destroyer USS Eldridge vanishes during the Philadelphia Experiment. The ship invisibility project ends. Nuremberg, 1946: Nazi death camp doctor Martin von Kemnitz is hanged. The Pentagon, 1999: A dying hand gifts Angie Milano and Jim Munroe with the deadly legacy that is the Eldridge roster, the long-lost crew list of the Philadelphia Experiment. The two are soon on the run from the vicious killers sent for it. Without the roster, Project Telemachus, the perversion of a wondrous meld of genetics and physics, will fail. And mankind may survive.
  • Green Fire (1998) a collaborative novella by Eileen Gunn, Andy Duncan, Pat Murphy, and Michael Swanwick
    • Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and Grace Hopper take part in the Philadelphia Experiment, with the assistance of Nicola Tesla and the Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl.
Mirage by Clive Cussler Book Cover

Songs that reference the experiment include;


Games that reference the experiment include; (some need further verification source was wikipedia)


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