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The Montauk Project: Stranger Times

Stranger-Things PosterThis section was entitled so, after much research into the proposed “Montauk Project.” The following account, describes an event that may or may not have actually taken place. It is the story – that has not yet became legend – of what has become known as the “Montauk Project.”

On the following pages we summarize and analyze the latest embodiment of the ongoing legend of the Philadelphia Experiment: the claims of the “survivors” of the Montauk Project. Hold onto your hat as we explore the treacherous quicksand’s and quagmires involved in this unusual tale.

Stranger Things (original title was Montauk) on Netflix is somewhat based on the Montauk Project story and is driving lots of interest here.

The Montauk Project

The Montauk Project was allegedly (and insupportably), a continuation of the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. The experiment was conducted at Montauk AFB, in the 1950’s. Montauk Air Force Station was designed to provide radar surveillance data, aircraft height determination, and Mark X IFF SIF identification data and to preform radar mapping prior to transmitting of such data to Air Defense SAGE Units.

At the eastern tip of Long Island, New York, on its “south fork,” as the locals call it, stands the famous Montauk Point Lighthouse, first commissioned by George Washington in 1787. The beaches and land on which the lighthouse is located comprise Montauk Point State Park, a popular tourist attraction during the summer months.

There is another site on the same park land, however, that is closed to the public, and that is the now-abandoned Montauk Point Air Force Station, with its imposing five-story concrete radar building topped off by an enormous “banana-peel” radar antenna, whose now-faded red and white checkered pattern still dominates the landscape to the southwest of the lighthouse.

The big building with its radar antenna is the focal point of the remains of what was once an entire small “town” run by the military: several winding roads accompanied by a “neighborhood” of multi-colored houses, maintenance buildings, an on-site electrical power station, a “PX”/commissary, a recreation center, as well as a computer center and the usual offices that any military facility would require.

Military occupation of Montauk Point dates back to World War One, when the area was occupied by the Army under the name of Camp Hero (or Fort Hero.) During WW2 the Point was equipped with huge cannon like guns mounted on turrets, when Hitler’s forces would have posed a threat to our eastern seaboard. The remains of these gun turrets can still be seen on the premises today, as can the numerous outcroppings of land that under closer inspection reveal camouflaged concrete bunkers. The whole area, in fact, is said to have been artificially built up and allowed to be covered with overgrowth in order to conceal a network of underground bunkers connected by possibly miles of tunnels; indeed, the base itself was built to look like a civilian neighborhood so that enemy aircraft would have a hard time identifying it from the air as a military base. During WW2 the entire area was closed off to civilian traffic; after the war the restrictions were relaxed, leading to the eventual establishment of the park area surrounding Montauk Lighthouse.

As for the base itself, during the 1950’s and ’60’s the facility changed hands, moving from Army to Air Force, and the big building served as the transmitting tower for the S.A.G.E. Radar system, a now-obsolete “early warning defense” chain of radars that once dotted the eastern seaboard.

Montauk Air Force Station, as it was now called, was used to provide radar surveillance data, aircraft height determination, and Mark X IFF SIF identification data and to perform radar mapping prior to transmitting of such data to Air Defense SAGE Units.

The base officially closed down in 1970, having been declared obsolete and defunct, and evidently lay abandoned for several years, ownership having been turned over to the General Services Administration. In 1984 the land was donated by the Federal Government to the State of New York and made a part of Montauk Point State Park. The base, then, is apparently now park property; the park, however, has posted NO TRESSPASSING signs all over the area to discourage curious sightseers from either vandalizing what is left of the base or from getting hurt on the property and suing the park (there are numerous safety hazards due to the decay of the facility, not the least of which is the now-fallen railing along the edge of the roof of the five-story radar building).

The careful reader may have noticed the gap between the official closing of the base in 1970 and its final donation to the park in 1984. What was going on there during the intervening 14 years?

The official answer is that the base was sitting idle for that time. There are some, however, who make the claim that there were more sinister things going on there during that decade-plus.

What connection does Montauk have with the PX?


None, aside from the claims of Preston Nichols, author of The Montauk Project and other works. Nichols teemed up with Alfred Bielek and Duncan Cameron around 1988 and have been announcing to the world that they had once been brainwashed into participating in a series of mind-control experiments involving exposure to peculiarly-modulated microwave signals from an obsolete radar at the now-defunct Montauk Point, Long Island radar base. This project, also called the “Phoenix Project,” was later said to have been extended to such fantastic achievements as time travel and manipulation of physical reality by electronic “mind-amplification.”

All of this is supposed to have sprung out of research deriving from the Philadelphia Experiment and, in fact, intimately connected to the PX through a series of “time loops” -evidently inspired by the plot of the 1984 Hollywood movie The Philadelphia Experiment.




In 1988 or thereabouts, an “underground” videotape made its debut in the strange and enigmatic world of UFOlogy and Psychotronics: Three men mesmerized a small gathering of interested listeners in a private home on Long Island’s south shore, telling a tale that interwove stories of secret government weather control technology, mood and thought alteration by electronic means, actual mind control of subjects (willing and unwilling), transmission and reception of thought (“electronic telepathy,”) and, as if that weren’t enough, actual teleportation of physical objects and persons to and from distant locations. This was allegedly extended into the development of a working Time Machine. The video got its name, The Truth About the Philadelphia Experiment, from the claim that, not only were these stories true and actual events, but that all of them were a continuation of, or spinoffs from, the techniques used to warp spacetime in the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943!

The “star” of the show is one Preston Nichols, a forty-ish Long Island-based microwave engineer who supposedly lost his job at AIL (an electronics defense contractor) when he began “remembering” glimpses of an “alter-ego” existence which he believed he was living, in which he was being used for his technical expertise to revamp and maintain the radar at Montauk Air base – for a series of unofficial, secret underground experiments performed by a renegade group of scientists and military men who had originally operated out of the well-known Brookhaven National Laboratory at Upton, Long Island.

Nichols claims that, through hypnosis and brainwashing, he was made to “forget” that he was living a double life – by day a ‘mild-mannered engineer’ but by night (or during the day) he was whisked out to the supposedly-derelict Montauk radar base where he participated in some of the strangest experiments one could imagine – and that the control group ousted him from the program when snatches of these memories began to come back to him during his “normal” life. As chief technician running the Montauk radar, he would have been the resident expert on what they were doing and how they were doing it, technologically speaking. The bottom line is, Preston Nichols claims to have used a modified version of the old Montauk radar, under duress, to generate an updated Philadelphia Experiment with accomplishments far exceeding those claimed by Carl Allen in the original story.

The story goes that all was well until August 12, 1983, when a “saboteur” among the experimenters precipitated a big, hairy monstrous beast (referred to by Preston as “Junior.”) from a “thought form”, right out of the ether. The beast allegedly ran amok all over the base, and the only way the personnel could bring the ordeal to a halt was to disconnect the power to the radar; when that didn’t work, they supposedly chopped the power cables and radar waveguides with hatchets until the electromagnetic field lost its power and the beast faded back into the “hyperspace” from which it had been created. And why didn’t the power go down when they first tried to turn it off, necessitating the frantic hatchet-work? You guessed it: the EM field generated at Montauk had tunnelled back through time to 1943, when a similar field was being generated on board the U.S.S. Eldridge in the Philadelphia Harbor. There was a “lock-up in hyperspace,” and one experiment was feeding the other. Anyone reading this who has seen the movie The Philadelphia Experiment has probably noticed the parallel in the idea of two experiments, forty years apart, locking up in hyperspace, with the main character having to travel back to 1943 to do a hatchet-job on the equipment aboard the Eldridge in order to shut the experiment down 1983.

The second character in the video is a retired electrical engineer by the name of Alfred Bielek, probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s, another Long Islander who at this writing is living in Atlanta, Georgia. Al Bielek has a unique angle in his story, which he tells during much of the video: Al claims to have been one of the actual seamen who were below decks, in the control room, operating the generators which powered the Philadelphia Experiment, aboard the Eldridge in 1943!

Sadly Alfred Bielek Passed Away on Monday, October 10, 2011 at 6:30 AM in Guadalajara, Mexico. Al was born on March 31, 1927 and was 84 years old at the time of his death. He was buried at a local cemetery in Guadalajara.

He and the third character in the video, Duncan Cameron, assert that they are the two seamen after whom the characters in the Hollywood movie were modelled. The characters in the movie jumped overboard when the PX was obviously getting out of control, fell through a “hyperspace tunnel,” and landed on dry ground at a desert Air Force facility in Nevada or Utah, only to find out that they were now in the year 1984 and that the scientist responsible for the 1943 PX, a “Dr. Longstreet,” was still at it (although 40 years older) in the western desert. Longstreet “ripped another hole in hyperspace” and linked up with the two time travellers from 1943 who never did hit the water when they jumped ship.

After an initial period of rational disbelief, Bielek has now been convinced (by the persistence of Preston Nichols and by the “trauma” of having viewed the Hollywood movie for the first time) that he and Duncan Cameron are indeed the two characters in the movie, and are actually brothers besides! His real name, he has discovered, is Edward Cameron, and he was “originally” born in 1916!

So Al Bielek now travels the country, giving lectures to UFO and Paranormal Phenomena groups, claiming that he and Duncan Cameron were the two sailors who jumped ship in 1943, but actually ended up at Montauk Point rather than in the western desert, when Preston Nichols’ renovated radar met up with the Eldridge’s electromagnetic field through the hyper-spatial connecting link. The “Dr. Longstreet” of the movie ends up being none other than the real-life John Von Neumann, famous mathematician and computer pioneer who was deeply involved with various classified projects during WW2 and who is said to have died in 1958 (Nichols, Bielek and Cameron dispute this, claiming that Von Neumann is still alive, living in upstate New York under a different name, as a split-personality).

After some research we found that Bielek is not some “Johnny-come-lately” to the UFO/paranormal field. He has been around and active in the UFO field as far back as 1967 and earlier, offering his “professional evaluation” of the Trevor James photos.[1] Ivan T. Sanderson also refers to Mr. Bielek as a friend. In the paragraph quote below, Sanderson is asking some “experts” to determine whether “vile vortices,” or anomalous ocean whirlpools such as are allegedly found in the Bermuda Triangle, are spaced at regular intervals around the earth’s surface.

“I first appealed to, and then assembled a number of engineers, EM specialists, and geophysicists, and presented them with our problem and what we had found out by pure research, and then gave them a set of blank globes to go to work on. I started with my very old friend, Al Bielek, an EM engineer who lives in moral chastity with a sort of harem of slide rules. I started with him because I wanted first to get the math and spherical geometry sorted out before we started the (as I then envisaged it) very arduous task of speculating upon, investigating, and ferreting out possible causes for what we already had; and it was lucky that we did so, as it turned out. All of them were also mathematicians, despite their working specialities, so that the session, which lasted a week, became interesting to say the least– to the non-mathematicians, that was.”[2]

The uninformed attendee of one of Bielek’s lectures might think he was just a nuts-and-bolt electronics engineer, until suddenly one day he began remembering that he was personally involved in the Philadelphia Experiment. On the contrary, his interests in the esoteric seem to go back a long way, at least to the mid-1960’s. While this in itself doesn’t make him a charlatan, it does tend to destroy the “innocence” he would have if he had had no previous interest in such things, and then to have it blow up in his face suddenly.

“I know Al Bielek. He has been to my home. I have questioned him from every angle and cannot determine whether or not he is telling the truth. He must have some inside information source because he knows about Project RAINBOW, an experiment in time travel. I do not know the results of RAINBOW but saw documents about its purpose. I am keeping an open mind on Bielek at this time.” – Bill Cooper [3]

We have heard Alfred Bielek’s rendition of the PX several times, from conferences, lectures, and videos years apart; his story is essentially the same, although one person who attended both days of a two-day lecture says that Bielek, after having had a contradiction in his story pointed out to him, incorporated the updated material in his lecture the next day in such a way as to imply that there had never been a contradiction. In other words, he is a master story-teller with a sincere, respectable demeanor – you just want to believe him – and he will plagiarize any information that comes his way if it enhances his tale.

Duncan Cameron, also from the south shore of Long Island, is a younger man than Bielek, born June 29, 1951. He tends to be of few words on the videotape, and is rather Zen-like and esoteric when he does have something to say (such as “Everything and nothing is possible.”) He is portrayed in the video as having gone through gruelling psychological and psychic training in secret military programs, fitting him as a subject for experimentation in mind control in the Montauk project.

Duncan claims that he was one of a group of people trained for “clarity of deep thought.” His thoughts were supposedly “amplified and projected into hyperspace” via the Montauk radar and a special alien-technology chair outfitted with coils that would pick up electromagnetic signals representing the thoughts of the person occupying the chair. These signals were then highly amplified and re-broadcast by the transmitter, where they generated physical manifestations in a region of space. Duncan was trained to project his thoughts in an effort to create “Time Tunnels” whose patterns were recorded on tape so that he, too, could travel through time and space.

[1]“Flying Saucers Have Landed”, Pg 256 – 257

[2]More Things” by Ivan T. Sanderson, Pg. 120

[3]Message from Bill Cooper’s BBS, Dated 01/17/80, 00:14, See text file “PHILAD2.ASC”

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