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Quick note; I spend a lot of time making sure everything is presented well (pictures all fit beside text and are sized to make text flow to next section well, etc.) This website’s content is formatted for a browser window width of 1080px or larger for best presentation. This list of changes does not include the nearly daily WordPress / Plugins / Theme updates that are installed and checked to make your experience as nice, smooth and safe as possible. I feel Steven Spielberg’s pain now; when he said “Every time I get on a plane and see people watching movies on there smart phones I wants to cry.”

September 13th / 2017

August 19th / 2017

August 16th / 2017

August 12th / 2017

August 9th / 2017

  • Finished updating the pages to a Justified layout

August 8th / 2017

  • Edited all the Montauk pages, fixed some text, converted all pages to Justified layout as it looks a bit more professional, added a few hyperlinks and such. Trying to get everything looking as good as it can for the upcoming “Dark Files” show that will drive traffic to the website.
  • Updated many of the core pages to Justified layout as well, work continues..

August 7th / 2017

August 4th / 2017

August 3rd / 2017

  • Added more material (one more item) to downloads in the “Further Research” section

August 1st / 2017

July 31st / 2017

  • Added more text to “Death of a Legend” section, some more interesting quotes about the US Navy requesting parts back before it was scrapped, and a 1/2 page of the cover of the Greek Playboy was added.

July 30th / 2017

July 29th / 2017

  • I just received permission to reprint an article written in 1989 by Sam Kuncevich. It is not of the usual story but a different one, naming a different ship. “The Philadelphia Experiment by Sam Kuncevich” Both Parts 1&2 are up now.

July 28th / 2017

  • Added seven pages of a UFO report filed by the Montauk AFB in 1958  to “The Montauk Project Gallery” section
  • Added some more content to the Videos you can “Watch On-Line” section
  • Mostly just doing research today

July 27th / 2017

  • Updated the look of the “News Paper Article Fact or Fake” section, added a torn page effect, fixed some issues and added a Featured Image so when it’s shared on social media it looks well.

July 26th / 2017

  • Added 12 more Time Line Events to the “The Montauk Project: Stranger Times” section.
    • Started to populate the Montauk Project Dates mostly given by Preston to the time line, I am assuming I have around 20-30 yet to add.

July 25th / 2017

  • Added more text to the “Carlos Miguel Allende or Carl Meredith Allen or..” section in regards to Project Chatter
  • SLL Certificate / Encryption Nightmare is over, the provider fixed all the issues and the site is back to being secure, over all 95% of the sites on this subject are just http:\\ not https:\\ as it costs more to have a secure encrypted connection. The main problem with the issues in the past 24hrs is that with the certificate errors I was unable to write or make and content changes.

July 24th / 2017

July 23rd / 2017

  • Completely redone the Videos you can “Watch On-Line” section
    • 3 x the content, and all the usual player features cc / play / pause / etc.
  • Added more text to the “Effects of the Experiment on the Crew” section about Navy using Humans in experiments in 1943

July 22nd/ 2017

July 21st / 2017

  • Simply amazing just purchased Two Original Vintage WWII Photos of the “SS Andrew Furuseth” from a Estate Sale. If you look at ALL the books ever written on the PX you will see the SAME Single photo of the ship at launch (not even in the water), and one of the crew on deck holding the life preserver. I did find some more images however they were all after the Furuseth was sold and renamed the Essi, then later Nobi. These two are nice shots of the ship at port with the “Andrew Furuseth” ship name in clear view. Really an amazing find! hard to believe, can’t wait for them to arrive.
  • Added three images of the crew to “Eldridge crew amused by Philadelphia Experiment” section and changed some font styles
  • Started working more on the “Carlos Miguel Allende or Carl Meredith Allen or..” section;
    • Added a new part “The Great Ark” Carl’s run in’s with a UFO (have to do a lot of writing still in this)
    • Added some of Carl Allen’s handwriting to the “Carl Meets Einstein” section
  • Added one photo to the “National Archives and Other Historical Photos” gallery
  • Added three newspaper clippings to “The Montauk Project Gallery” section
  • Changed the hover shading from a bright white to a darker shade on several pages/images.

July 18th /2017

  • Re-did the first 17 Montauk images I had originally did that were all 1000+kb to jpg and now 250-400kb, all Montauk pages load faster, the main page went from 16 seconds to a low of 8 seconds. A big improvement!
  • Further changes to “The Montauk Project: Stranger Times” section
  • Started to work on a draft of a “Al Bielek” section to move part from the Montauk sections to a page just about him and put it into the PX section.

July 17th /2017

July 16th /2017

  • Further changes to “The Montauk Project: Stranger Times” section;
    • Some date corrections (back in the 1989 it was not so easy to get good information as the wonders of the internet today)
    • Added a newspaper clipping of the Montauk Base Closure
    • Reformatted the page to be more pleasing

July 15th / 2017

  • Added more text to “Death of a Legend” section, some interesting quotes about the US Navy requesting parts back before it was scrapped.

July 14th / 2017

July 13th / 2017

July 11th / 2017

July 10th / 2017

  • Further changes to “The Montauk Project: Stranger Times” section;
    • Added a Sidebar Menu and one more image since its sort of the Landing Page for The Montauk Project.
    • Added a Historical Timeline to the bottom of the page.

July 8th / 2017

  • Started to add Titles, Captions, and Descriptions to some of the Montauk Images, and update the various Montauk pages were needed.
  • Added picture labels to “The Montauk Project Gallery

July 7th / 2017

July 5th / 2017

  • Continued to work on the new section “The Unified Field Theory” added some more text, thinking of renaming the section to maybe just “Was Einstein Involved in the PX?” as I am thinking of starting a new page “Was Tesla Involved in the PX?”

July 3rd / 2017

  • Continued to work on the new section “The Unified Field Theory” added some more media, links, cleaned it up more, and three quotes from Einstein to make it more visually appealing.
  • Added more inter-site linking to various pages
  • Added a tribute to Austin N. Stanton for more background on the founder of the Varo Manufacturing Corp to the “The Varo Edition” Section.

July 2nd / 2017

June 30th / 2017

  • Added new section “The Unified Field Theory” to investigate the allegations that Einstein’s Unified Field Theory was used in part in the Experiment.

June 23rd / 2017

June 21st / 2017

June 17th / 2017

  • Added a image of a 1943 Vacuum Tube to the “Questioning Their Character” section, some more clean-up, and renamed the section “Questioning Their ‘Story'” to sound somewhat better.

June 16th / 2017

June 15th / 2017

June 14th /2017

June 13th / 2017

June 12th / 2017

June 11th / 2017

June 10th / 2017

  • Cleaned up the “Sorry” page when someone links to a page not found, and other tweaks

June 2nd / 2017

  • Continued work on “Philadelphia Experiment Timeline
    • Added a box in the left column with all the Reference Numbers
    • Added 5 more images to existing events to make the timeline more visual
    • Added 8 new events, removed 2, edited some

May 30th / 2017

  • Updated some links on the “Further Research” section, and added a List of Facebook Groups.

May 27th-29th / 2017

May 26th / 2017

  • Added new section “Philadelphia Experiment Timeline” very much a work in Progress. Well OVER 50 Dates yet to add this is going to take hrs.. For now this serves more as what is to come then a finished page.

May 24th / 2017

May 22nd / 2017

May 20th / 2017

  • Added a new section “The UFO Connection” this is very new and needs a good amount of work but hey it’s new.

May 19th / 2017

  • Re-wrote some of the main page text as I think people thought I may just be trying to sell a book rather then offer real research into the subject.
  • Added more info to the “First Test Ships”, some updated info in the table, more hyperlinks on the Ships of the Experiment Section

May 18th / 2017

April 21st / 2017

March 1st / 2017

December 14th / 2016

  • Had to add a landing page to all the domains that reference this one so they would not continue to display a SSL error (,,,
  • Added the Comodo Dynamic Trust Logo to the main page, donate page and this page.

December 13th / 2016

December 12th / 2016

  • DE173.COM SSL CertificatePurchased a SSL Certificate and now the site is encrypted and any information sent (comments, forms, etc) are now sent over a secure encrypted connection. Website now only uses HTTPS: to deliver all resources ensuring any transmitted data is safe.
  • The News and Press Section was updated to fix mixed content issues and the left side images replaced with a vertical gallery rather then just a bunch of inline images.
  • Added two pictures of the DE 50 USS Engstrom to the National Archives and Other Historical Photos, also checked to make sure all images were in the Gallery so there may be a few more that were not previously there.

December 11th / 2016

  • After much research, I replaced the gallery plugin I was using for the three main picture galleries due to some bugs that could not be fixed greatly impacting the usability of the site. The new Galleries look nicer and have a magnifying glass and a better light box view making it a overall nice upgrade.

December 7th / 2016

  • Added <H1> Tags to pages to make some of the search engines more happy.
  • Added the DE 50 USS Engstrom information to the ships table on the Ships of the Experiment Section

October 13th / 2016

October 1st / 2016

September 26th / 2016

September 25th / 2016

September 24th / 2016

  • Updated The Newspaper Article Fact or Fake section with some more information
  • Major drama over the past few days with some plugin updates rendering the site smashed ended up having to do a complete restore such fun.
  • Cleaned up the footnote numbering on most pages (some where bold some were italic, some were underline.. blaw)
  • Lost some update notes with the site crash

September 15th / 2016

September 7th~10th / 2016

  • Updated the Home Page to include a side-bar site navigation and other cosmetic changes.
  • Added a little more information and media to the  Ships of the Experiment, and The Varo Edition Sections.

September 3rd / 2016

September 1st / 2016

  • Changes to the Ships of the Experiment section;
    • Worked on the historical information of the S.S. Andrew Furuseth, added accurate dates for it’s launching (most books have this date wrong and just copied the error from book to book), when it was laid down and other historical facts, with a link to the ship builders log of ships built.
    • Added convoy information showing the Eldridge and Andrew Furuseth had spent time together

August 18th / 2016

August 15th / 2016

August 12th / 2016

August 4th~11th / 2016

  • Started working on the “Montauk Project” pages adding media and fixing up some of the text as Stranger Things on Netflix is somewhat based on the Montauk Project story and is driving lots of interest here.

July 22nd / 2016

July 19th / 2016

July 18th / 2016

July 17th / 2016

July 16th / 2016

  • More images and text added to the Ships of the Experiment section, upgraded the USS Slater Slider looks better.
    • In the 100’s of books written on the experiment you will never see the full/side view of the S.S. Andrew Furuseth, I have tracked down some new images of the ship never before used in publications.
  • Added interactive map and some more images to the Evidence of Teleportation section
  • Added new standard page main title text to each page, and some pages that were missing a main title

July 15th / 2016

July 14th / 2016

  • Added Page Navigation (previous/next) to most of the pages.
  • Touched up some pages

July 11th / 2016

  • Cleaned up this page some and added some counters

July 9th / 2016

  • Continued to clean-up the four pages covering the Montauk Project in detail
  • Added more hyperlinks to the Topics covered Section to the newer pages on the site.

July 7th / 2016

  • Added a new menu with sub menu items to the “Read More” menu for “The Montauk Project.”
  • There is now four pages covering the Montauk Project in detail, all are still in process of clean-up but base information is there to read.

July 6th / 2016

July 2 ~ 3rd / 2016

July 1st / 2016

  • Continued work on the Ships of the Experiment section, massive update of information, charts, scans, and new images.
  • Added more hyperlinks to the Topics covered Section to the newer pages on the site.

June 30th / 2016

June 26th / 2016

  • Finished Optimizing the webpages, site over all is much faster.

June 25th / 2016

  • Optimized the load time of the main page (Page speed score now above 91%) and started working on others.

June 23rd/ 2016

June 16th / 2016

  • Added fourmore documents (the Eldridge’s Official History pages, and the Movement Summary of the S.S. Andrew Furuseth.) to the Matter of Time section.
  • Added two images of the two Harbors in the Evidence of Teleportation section

June 15th/ 2016

June 14th / 2016

June 13th / 2016

June 12th / 2016

June 11th / 2016

June 10th / 2016

June 9th / 2016

  • Added a lot of inner page linking from topics in pages to the pages they refer to
  • Added ALT Image Text to a lot of the pictures

June 6~8th / 2016

  • Upgraded the website with “Slider Revolution” to replace the main page slider and the YouTube player, many hrs later it still needs work but looks nicer.
  • Working on new page footer and cleaning up pages

June 5th / 2016

June 4th / 2016

  • Added a copy of Jessup’s Death Certificate and other pictures to Dr? Morris K. Jessup Section to make it more visual. Jessup’s DC can not be found anywhere on the internet, so pretty unique for the site.

June 3rd / 2016

June 2nd / 2016

  • Added hyperlinks to the Topics covered Section to pages on the site
  • General appearance improvements to various pages

June 1st / 2016

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