The Philadelphia Experiment From A-Z

Questioning Their Character

There are a number of things that cast doubt on the validity of the account of the Montauk project. Aside from the sheer otherworldiness of most of the material, we note a few trends in the speeches and literature put out by the three Montauk protagonists:

“Upon visiting a doctor in 1988, Duncan’s doctor commented upon the unusual scar tissue in his lungs. Previous research in or about 1986 indicated the Duncan was actually brain dead.” – Preston Nichols[1]

“Back in the erly 1970’s, the Montauk group became interested in programming children.. Gray aliens picked up about fifty kids and delivered them to Montauk… in some cases, the older youths, ages 17-22 were also groomed to be slave workers… The programmers concentrated on three particular ages: 9, 14 and 19… They would put the kids in a room stark naked. Radio sensitive electronic paraphernalia was placed on their genitalia and a diabolic program was started where they would be treated brutally… These kids would be beaten to within inches of their lives until they ere mentally broken, consiousless hulks. Many died.” – Preston Nichols[2]

“..Some kids returned home, some didn’t. The kids chosen were between 10 and 16, or maybe 18… and 9 at the youngest. Most were just about to reach puberty… They ware blond, blue eyed, tall and light skinned. They fit the Aryan stereotype… there were no girls in this group… Montauk had a NeoNazi connection and the Nazis were still on the Aryan Kick.” – Preston Nichols[3]

“He {Stan Campbell} remembered waking up stark naked with his rear end up in the air. A lot of times different parts of his body would hurt. Three out of four days he was there, his anal opening hurt.” – Preston Nichols[4]

The above statements were quoted to show a pattern. If all information he conveys is true then there is nothing wrong with his descriptions. On the other hand, if he as created the story (as we fell he did) then the above statements show a sick man with bazaar fantasy about naked boys.

You would think that if Alfred Bielek was trying to unfold “the perfect hoax” why would he get into talking about things like “being trapped by aliens in time tunnels, being age-regressed back to one year old”, etc. One begins to think that the whole UFO angle could have been added just to make his lecture tour more “appetizing” to UFO groups.



According to Preston, the Montauk technology enabled Duncan at one point to travel to the underground pyramids on Mars. (What “underground pyramids on Mars”?? THE “underground pyramids on Mars!” Any other questions?) Duncan recalls seeing technology on Mars which he refers to as “The Solar System Defense.” The Montauk scientists (using Preston’s technology) supposedly “shut off the Solar System Defence Grid” retroactive to 1943. This claim, straight out of a Star Wars-type science fiction movie, means that some benevolent civilization long before us had set up a “defense” barrier so that “evil aliens” could not infiltrate our Solar System and invade us – and Preston shut it off! If we take this statement at face value we can come to only one conclusion: Anyone who has had a traumatic experience with UFO’s, e.g., an abduction, forced pregnancy, rectal exam, etc., could justifiably send “hate” mail to Preston Nichols, as he is directly responsible for the aliens being able to reach earth, by his own admission!

Also in Preston’s book, he writes “The first treaty between aliens and the U.S. Government was supposedly signed in 1913.” how is this possible as the “defense grid” was still activated (as he himself stated) and not shut off till 1943![5]

Preston blackmails the CIA to lay off of Peter Moon saying that he “would publish secret papers that they didn’t want published.” [6] I guess threating the CIA involves no Jail time in the U.S. any more. On another occasion Stan Campbell was being sued by the government, and Preston threaten the government that if Stan was locked up he would …go public on my involvement in the Moriches Bay UFO crash ( I helped to “Shoot” it down when I worked for BJM by jamming its drive with the appropriate frequencies — a whole other story.)”Preston Nichols[7]

I checked with some UFO groups about this proposed UFO crash, and to no surprise, it was a hoax.

Stan Campbell was sent on a Montauk time travel mission, “His mission, as he remembers it, is to go find Jesus and do two things. First, he’s supposed to remove a sample of blood and then he’s supposed to kill Him. He finds Christ.. He {Christ} even volunteers to give him the sample of blood… Operating on his orders from Montauk, Stan then reports on emptying a revolver into Christ…” [8]

Now if that doesn’t buy you some time in hell I guess nothing will. After Stan retuned to Montauk, he refused to give up the sample of Jesus’s blood.  The Montauk technicians sent him to Mars where he gave the blood to Duncan Cameron. The blood was later injected into Duncan.

Invalid reasoning


“Dan is a nuclear physicist and he said that the SAGE radar wouldn’t require all those amplitrons.” – Preston Nichols [9]

Although this sounds impressive, it holds about as much water as my friend the brain surgeon knowing why your car won’t start. Also let it be noted that somewhere, right now, there is a nuclear physicist struggling to program his or her DVR.

“Space-Time Labs, a fully equipped manufacture of psychic-active electronic equipment… Preston invited me to his lab that was a mixture of Tesla, von Neuman, Einstein and Montauk..” – Helga Marrow[10]

Again sounds impressive, views of a nice white rectangular building with weather/radar appendages protruding from the roof comes to mind. In reality as we have stated Space-Time Labs is just Preston’s decaying garage, stocked with some nice vintage radio receivers.

Preston seemingly grabs at straws, and provides the following statement as evidence to his ‘Dr. Rinehart is von Neumann’ claims:

“one of his {von Neumann’s} favorite desserts was strawberry ice cream. Ironically, this just happens to be the favorite of Dr. Rinehart!”- Preston Nichols[10a]

Preston forgets to mention that strawberry ice cream was also the favorite of Bill Cooper’s “Gray Aliens.” Hopefully the above does not replace DNA testing in court cases.

Subtle changes in the story as time progresses


Some names of the key players have changed. The things that some people have done have changed. For example:

The Jack Pruitt Story

In the original videotape we are told about an Air Force officer named Jack Pruitt, who allegedly oversaw the Montauk Project in its later stages and who had an office in the Pentagon. It was Pruitt, Preston Nichols informs us, who grabbed an axe and started chopping away frantically at the radar cables, as well as cutting the waveguides with a torch, in a last-ditch effort to cut the power to the project when “Junior” materialized and started eating everything on the base.

In later accounts, such as in Nichols’ books and video, it is Nichols himself who is cutting cables and torching waveguides. We never hear of Pruitt again. Of course, the “new believers” will not have heard the older version, and will not understand our objection.

When was the Eldridge modified?

In a conference lecture given by Al Bielek, he stated that the ship was modified before it was built to accommodate the equipment. In a more recent book, he states that the ship was modified after Von Neumann took control of the project (well after the Eldridge was constructed.)

“They decided they wanted to build a test vehicle from the ground up. So along about June or July they decided to go to the drawing boards to find out what ships were coming down the ways that might be suitable, that were going to be built, and they picked on “DE 173”… And in July they modified the drawings. Decided where they wanted the two generators. The reason why they had to do the modification, was the destroyer, the ‘DE’,  was a rather small ship. Its normal displacement was around 1500 tons not 30,000. Consequently they had to fit the equipment, which was quite heavy, very carefully. What they decided to do was to leave the forward gun turret off, and fill it in, and to leave a hole there, and the hole was for where the generators would go.” [11]

“Von Neumann was now in charge {around March 1942}, and he switched to a pulse modulation of energy. He lopped off a forward turret from the Eldridge so he could place two large generators in the hole.” [12]


Put Up or Shut Up!


These are just a few examples of the many little discrepancies that have shown up as we have followed the Nichols-Bielek-Cameron story over the last few years.

As has been stated elsewhere in this book, we need to bring the storytellers to account for their stories. If these three men are so close to the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project as they claim, why is there always a drought when it comes to nuts-and-bolts, down-to-earth, hard-nosed technical information? Why can’t the reader go out tomorrow and build himself a replica of the Philadelphia Experiment in his basement, armed with concise, detailed how-to information? Why do we hear incredible stories of underground tunnels to the hollow earth, teleportation to Mars, solar-system defense grids, etc., ad nauseam, told with glib or nonchalant assuredness, as if this is the most common stuff around, yet we researchers can’t get a single straight answer out of any of them that doesn’t have some string attached, like when you buy a “rag” magazine because of its sensational cover, only to find out you’ve been cheated when you actually get to the article?

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