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Death of a Legend

On October 22, 1999 I received a UPS Worldwide Express Envelope today marked Urgent. It was from a scrap metal Trading Corporation in Pirae Greece the letter states;

  “Subject: ex. USS ELDRIDGE

We have been informed of your interest for the abovementioned vessel. 
We have taken the liberty to write to you this letter in order to inform you that this vessel is now under our ownership. Therefore if you would still have an interest on this vessel please contact us at the abovementioned address and numbers, preferably in Piraeus – Greece, as soon as possible.”

Looks as though they are looking for a buyer before turning it into scrap metal.

I tried to contact them several times after receiving the letter.

On September 21, 2000 I was able to talk to someone at the Scrap Metal Trading Company, they stated that the Eldridge was transferred to a demolition company for dismantle/destruction, and that they will try to provide more information on the name of the demolition company, and any photos they may of taken. in the end no further information was provided..

Somewhat of a case closed.

Eldridge Serving in the Greek Navy as the HNS Leon D54, 1952
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